Aurora Hills Animal Hospital

14080 E. Mississippi Ave.
Aurora, CO 80012


What to expect at your appointment at Aurora Hills Animal Hospital

 Person holding white cat

 Every initial consultation is a minimum of 30 minutes long per pet.  Our new puppy and new kitten initial consultations are 45 minutes long to allow adequate time for us to discuss all of your concerns for your new furry friend.  Initial consultations for skin disorders are also 45 minutes long.  We want to stress to you that your concerns are important to us; therefore we are committed to having adequate time to discuss your pet's health.

 Please bring any vaccine records that you have as well as a list of all medications and supplements your pet is taking.  Having a list of questions for the doctor helps you to organize your thoughts so that you do not miss the opportunity during the consultation to ask an important question.

 You will spend the first 10-15 minutes of the consultation with a veterinary technician. The technician will ask you about your pet's recent history, major medical problems, current medications, and current concerns.  The technician will briefly assess your pet's oral health.  Our technicians can answer many of your questions regarding parasite screening, wellness screening, and oral health, but will refer you to the doctor to discuss appropriate treatment options.

 Your doctor will then spend 15-20 minutes with you during the consultation.  The doctor will perform a complete physical examination to include all body systems.  The doctor will give you an assessment of your pet's overall health and discuss the results of any testing performed in the hospital.  If indicated, a treatment plan to assess your pets medical needs will be initiated.  Our doctor will always work with your to find the best treatment plan for your pet's needs.

 At the end of the consultation, we will arrange for any follow up care or communication regarding any lab testing.