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Wellness Consultations


Your pet's health is our priority here at Aurora Hills Animal Hospital.  We strongly support routine wellness care to insure the continued health of your pet.  Our pets age 6 to 7 times more quickly than we do.  We are proponents of twice annual wellness consultations in order to keep up with your pet's aging process.  Even coming to see us twice a year is like a human seeing the doctor once every 3 to 4 years.

Bringing your pet to us every 6 months allows us to perform a complete physical exam.  Pets who visit us twice yearly are more likely to have healthier body weights and better oral health as we are able to address these issues before they get out of control.  Serious medical problems such as tumors and diseases of the organs may be diagnosed sooner and treated more effectively.  We also discuss your pet's lifestyle so that we can administer the appropriate vaccines. We strongly believe in using the safest vaccines on the market and only administering vaccines that are necessary for your pet's health.  We will only use non-adjuvanted vaccines in cats unless otherwise requested. Adjuvants in vaccines have been implicated in vaccine associated cancers in cats.

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