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Digital Radiographs

Radiograph of a dogs hips - Aurora Hills Animal Hospital 

At Aurora Hills Animal Hospital, we can take and read digital radiographs (x-rays) right here in the hospital.  Digital radiographs can help us to diagnose many conditions such as:  bone fractures, gastrointestinal foreign objects, bladder stones, abdominal tumors, thoracic tumors, and lung disorders

Sometimes, we need further clarification of a condition, beyond the radiograph, before we begin a treatment plan.  During these instances, we can utilize our in house ultrasound or bring a board certified veterinary radiologist right to the hospital to perform an ultrasound.  Ultrasound is useful in telling us what organ a tumor is associated with, whether a gastrointestinal foreign body has punctured the stomach or intestines, and whether an organ appears generally healthy.

For some radiographic or ultrasound studies, your pet may need light IV sedation to decrease their anxiety.  Some studies require your pet to hold perfectly still and will require general anesthesia.  Our doctor will discuss these procedures with you in further detail if sedation or anesthesia is needed.