Aurora Hills Animal Hospital

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My Pet's Breath is Stinky...

Offensive breath odor in our pets is a sign of oral disease.  Periodontal disease, oral tumors, or immune diseases could be the problem.  Foul breath odor should never be ignored.  Having your pet's oral health assessed at the first sign of trouble could prevent costly and invasive oral treatments.

At Aurora Hills Animal Hospital we proudly offer:

  • Complete Oral Health Assessment and Treatment which is a 12 step process
  • Digital dental radiography so that we expose your pet to less radiation and get images faster to lessen the amount of time your pet is under anesthesia
  • Bonded dental sealants to protect viable, fractured teeth from infection
  • Concentrated antibiotic treatments
  • Oral biopsy
  • Oral surgery

Our doctor & technical staff have received training from Dr. Tony Woodward, a board certified veterinary dentist in Colorado Springs.  From his courses, our doctor & staff have learned the proper 12 step process for teeth cleaning and treatment. Additionally our doctor has learned to interpret dental radiographs and the proper techniques to surgically extract teeth and repair oral defects.  Because of our doctor's advanced training, your pet should have a less traumatic dentistry experience, quicker recovery, and a more complete treatment of his dental disease.