Aurora Hills Animal Hospital

14080 E. Mississippi Ave.
Aurora, CO 80012


Day Admission Appointments

At Aurora Hills Animal Hospital we understand that pets do not always become ill at times that are convenient for our schedules. We are excited to offer day outpatient admission appointments so that your beloved pet can receive the medical care he/she needs with minimal disruption to your schedule.  Your pet will be admitted to the hospital for the day for an examination, testing, and treatment by our doctor.

If you find that you will need to use this service, please call ahead to alert our staff of your arrival and to give a brief history of your pet's condition.  This allows us to start to formulate a treatment plan based upon your pet's signs.

Upon arrival, please plan to spend 10-15 minutes with a veterinary technician.  The technician will take a brief history and assess your pet's condition.  If your pet's condition appears to be critical, you will be asked to stay for the initial consultation with the doctor.  If your pet's condition appears stable, the technician will formulate an initial treatment plan based upon your pet's presenting signs.

Once you have signed the initial treatment plan, your pet will be admitted to the hospital for an examination by a doctor and to perform the diagnostic testing and/or treatment outlined in the treatment plan.

For this service to function effectively, we request that you provide a reliable means of contacting you throughout the day.  This allows us to update you regarding your pet's condition and to discuss the need for any additional testing beyond the initial treatment plan.

We will update you as to when you can return to the hospital to have your pet discharged to you or to arrange for further care if needed.  We will give a complete explanation of services performed and the associated findings.